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Are you an entry-level or junior dev?

One of the biggest frustrations I have is being unable to help entry-level, junior and career-changing developers because most companies are hiring at the mid or senior level.

Probably because they feel it's harder to train developers in the remote work world we find ourselves in.

So I get very few junior roles from my clients.

So I wanted to put together a page of resources you can use to achieve your goals:

Bigger Tech Agencies

So here is a list of larger UK-based tech recruitment agencies that I can recommend that might have more options at this level than me.

Junior-Focused Job Boards

Connect With

Also, connect with Cameron Blackwood on LinkedIn.

Cameron is an ex-tech recruiter who became a developer, and he has a podcast called The Coder Career, which helps a lot of entry-level and junior devs.

Free Bootcamps

Northcoders are a fantastic coding BootCamp based in my home city of Manchester.

Their software development and data engineering bootcamps are both FREE at the moment because of funding from the department of education.

I don't think this government gets much right, but this is worth shouting about!

It's open to anyone across the UK and can be delivered remotely.

Because they work with recruiters and companies, they can help you find your first role in software development once you graduate.


So if you or someone you know wants to break into Software Development or Data Engineering, here is a way in.

I'm told Northcoder grads are highly regarded in the industry, and I'm buzzing to share this with you.

Codebar is a wonderful charity founded by Kimberley Cook, who I randomly met doing a bit of ice climbing near the Mont Blanc in Chamonix.

We discussed our careers, and when I found out her charity helps minority group members to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment by running free workshops, regular one-off events and community building, I had to link people to her charity too.

CV and Interview Guides

I also took the time to write two interactive PDFs that will teach you how to write the perfect tech CV (16 pages) and how to get the job when you get to the interview stage (26 Pages).

You can download both guides for free here.

Other Advice

I saw this article, which is great for anyone early in their software development career.

Odd Shoes on LinkedIn

You can always follow the Odd Shoes company page on LinkedIn here.

I post most of my roles there, and maybe we could work together in the future.

Whichever route you take, I wish you the best of luck.

Simon Monaghan - Director