Candidate insights

If you need sponsorship and/or you are overseas.

One of the biggest annoyances I have is not being able to help people who want to relocate or need sponsorship; this is because my clients don't have a licence to sponsor a visa, and they don't need to get one because I fill 100% of their roles with candidates who are UK based and don't need sponsorship.

They're also not open to having people working fully remotely from other countries.

I apologise for this; I know it must be frustrating. I'd rather be completely honest and not waste your time.

So I wanted to put together a page of resources you can use to achieve your goals:


UK Government


You can see a list of licences sponsors by going here.


Jan Tegze


He did a great LinkedIn post with a unique way to find jobs with visa sponsorship.


A great job board for techies looking to relocate is run by Andrew Stetsenko, an impressive Ukrainian chap I know.

It's jam-packed with roles for people considering relocation and has lots of great advice.

The website is here.

You especially will like this, which has loads of resources available.


Tech Nation


Tech Nation also specialises in helping people work in the UK with a Tech Nation visa which you can find out about here.


Other Companies that Could Sponsor



Synthesia in London



Odd Shoes on LinkedIn


You can always follow the Odd Shoes company page on LinkedIn by going here.

I post most of my roles there, and maybe we could work together in the future.

Whichever route you take, I wish you the best of luck.


Simon Monaghan - Director