Who are Odd Shoes

Technology progresses by the urge to improve what already exists.

After seven years in tech recruitment, Simon Monaghan was sick of the industry he loved being dragged through the mud by bad recruiters and awful leadership.

So, in 2020, he set up Odd Shoes. And with it, his one mission.

To change the image of recruitment.

An industry that’s scarred by dodgy practices, shocking training and the ghosting of job seekers on an unprecedented scale.

We’re here to be the drivers of change.

Sticking up two fingers to the traditional quick-win model.

Inspiring others to imitate.

Creating a domino effect.

We do this by choosing to do the right thing, always.

Especially when no one’s watching.

Our differentiation

We are unashamedly small.

We don’t want to be the biggest, just the best.

We innovate.

Not just technology, but processes too. But never for the sake of it.

We’ll protect your interests.

Whether it’s the careers of our candidates, the goals of our clients, or the reputation of our industry.

But what makes us so unique?

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