Hiring Resources

  • How Much Time is Your Recruitment Process Costing You?

    Most hiring managers don’t realise exactly how much time they lose when recruiting, time that could be better spent hitting deadlines and improving quality, the first step is understanding how much time you lose, by using this calculator.

  • What is the True Cost of a Bad Hire?

    Hiring and retaining the right people may save your company a lot more money than you realise, find out how, buy using this calculator.

  • Use your Benefits to Attract and Retain Candidates.

    I spent loads of time talking to my clients, software developers and my network.

    The goal was to design a guide to employment benefits, for people like you, but with a twist.

    It's specific to developers and the tech candidates around the dev team.

    It will cut the bull, and tell you what they really think of employment benefits.

    The guide attached aims to help you retain your best people, and attract the best in the market. (I can do that too)

    It's already had a positive impact across six of my other clients across the South of England, I hope it helps you too.

  • Testing for Success.

    Do you use a technical test as part of your interview process?

    Do you know how developers feel about how companies assess technical fit, across the South of England?

    It could be a reason why your CV to hire conversion rate isn't where you'd like it to be.

    So, armed with my vast network of developers, I've put together the attached guide that'll help you to understand where your process stacks up against the desires of the devs who you'd like to attract.

    It'll also make some suggestions on how you could use your technical challenge to make you an even more appealing option in the local market.

  • Brexit - What it Means for Hiring and your Existing Employees.

    In my usual no bull style, I have put together a guide to hiring in the post-Brexit UK.

    You'll see what's changed, what it means for your existing employees, how the new immigration system works and how you can navigate this.

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