Recruitment insights

Should candidates build me a statue?

Should candidates build me a statue because I took the time to email them a rejection of their application?

No, it's the bare minimum that they should expect.

I had over 180 applications for a Scrum Master / Agile Project Manager.

Around 30 of those are worth serious consideration. So that's over 150 rejections.

I have emailed each one of them separately.

What's really sad is that I have had 14 replies to my rejections, thanking me for letting them know why they were unsuccessful and saying that 95% of recruiters don't bother doing this.


Its things like this, basic things that make candidates hate recruiters.

People can handle being rejected. It's part of the job search.

What upsets them is being ignored. I hate being ignored too.

Get your shit together and treat candidates with more respect.