Candidate insights

What hiring managers want at interview.

Your CV’s done its job, the hiring manager thinks you might be a match and now you have an interview.

Congratulations but don’t put that deposit down on a new car just yet.

You may have the right skills on paper but that’s only a small part of why hiring managers hire.

Luckily, I’ll give you the benefit of the countless and sometimes frustrating conversations I’ve had with hiring managers.

Learning why they hire & why they don’t.

How can you stand out in a good way?

  • Prepare properly and have some insight into their business.
  • Show that you’ve got the personality to collaborate well with others.
  • Express that you have a passion for what you do, and you see it as more than just a job.
  • Be enthusiastic about the role and have some clear reasons why it’s a role you’d like.
  • Show that you’re professional but you can have a laugh as well.
  • Be humble and show that you understand you have more to learn.
  • Be confident in your skills without being arrogant.
  • Show a history of initiative, ideas and innovation.
  • When discussing previous projects, what did you personally do? What was the tangible impact you had?
  • Show a good understanding of the technologies they are looking for.
  • Make it clear that you like a challenge and can be relied upon.

Most importantly, remember that they’re interviewing you because they see something they like.

Feed on this, don’t be nervous & be yourself.