Candidate insights

Prep, prep and more prep.

Lack of research and preparation is a key reason why people get rejected after they interview for a role.

Bear in mind that the person interviewing you has probably been there a while and will be pretty proud of the company they work for.

When you casually drop in comments about the hiring manager’s background or the company you’ll stand out as someone who cares, who’s organised and wants to work for them.

Who doesn’t want to hire someone like that?

Where to find the information

  • Company Website – About Us / Meet the Team / News or Press
  • Type the company name into Google News
  • LinkedIn – Both for the interviewers and the employees

Checklist of what you need to know

  • Company – When was it founded? Who founded it? Any other locations? How many employees? What’s the turnover? Company values/culture?
  • Product / Services – What do they offer? What’s good about it? What’s their target market? Who are their key partners/clients?
  • Interviewers – What’s their background? Do you have anything in common? Have they written any interesting LinkedIn articles?
  • Development / Tech Team (LinkedIn or Website) – How big is the team? What technologies do they use? How do they explain their role? Do you have anything in common with them?

You may have to invest some of your spare time but if you get a job that improves your life financially, logistically or technically then surely, it’s worth that little investment isn’t it?