Candidate insights

If you can't convince yourself, how will you convince a hiring manager?

If you’re not clear on why you’re a good fit for the role, then how will you convince the hiring manager?

The key is to remove any potential worries from the hiring manager’s’ mind before they voice them.

Be the one to bring them up first and positively tackle them. 

Above all else, BE HONEST.

•       Job Spec / Advert – Are you clear on what the role is? What tech/tools are they using? What types of projects? Minimum skills needed?

•       Your CV – How do you see yourself? What relevant projects have you worked on? What impact did you have? What are your most significant recent achievements?

•       Compare to Job Spec / Advert – Which areas are you most effective? Why are these your strengths? What areas are you weaker? How can you convince them that you learn quickly? Do you have previous examples of this?

•       How will you explain why you’ve left roles in a way that’s not negative?

•       Have you had short-term permanent positions? – How will you explain these while convincing them you are looking for a stable role?

•       Have you had some gaps in your employment? – How can you explain these, so they are not an issue?

•       Social Profiles – What do they say about you? Have you written any negative articles or posts? Unprofessional profile pictures? Does your work history match your CV?

•       Passion for development – Do you have side development projects?

•       Examples of Code? GitHub? Are you attending meetups? Do you spend time improving skills outside of work? Avid reader? Blogger?

All of these areas help build a picture of why you should be confident and proud of yourself.

This confidence will also have a significant impact on the hirer.