Candidate insights

First impressions at interview.

People are judgy.

We do it all the time, both consciously and subconsciously.

Lot’s of hiring managers told me that they knew within five minutes of the interview, that someone was or wasn’t right for them

Are they psychic? Are they detectives? Do they feel it in their water?


It’s a judgement based on the first impression that they get from you.

How can you create an excellent first impression?

  • Dress appropriately – Tech companies do tend to be a little more relaxed once you start working there. Still, for an interview, it’s always advisable to dress in something that show’s that you’re taking this seriously. If in doubt, ask your recruiter.
  • 10-15 minutes early is on time – Do you have the address? Have you checked the route? Have you looked to see what the building looks like on Google Street View? Have you checked the train/bus times? Do you know the name of whom you are asking for? Do you have the company phone number? Above all, don’t be late!
  • If it’s a video interview, five minutes early is better as it will give you time to check the position of your camera and mic is good.
  • A good backdrop is necessary. Imagine you were someone who looks at the small details when making decisions, what would the background of your video call say about you?

What should you take?

Take a few copies of your CV in case the interviewer doesn’t have one, or there is another person in the interview.

If you have some examples of relevant projects or code that you are proud of its worth taking that with you to show them. If in doubt, ask your recruiter.

It’s crucial to have a pen and pad, for writing down key points & making a note of any questions you might have throughout the interview.

Take a prepared list of questions to ask them. (I’ll post about this soon)