Candidate insights

Do you really know what you want from a job?

If forums & social networks are to be believed, most recruiters don’t really care about what you want as a candidate.

I disagree with that.

This is why I think it’s important to help you really think about what’s important to you.

Looking for a job is like dating. You are both assessing each other for compatibility.

Like dating, you won’t find a company that’s perfect in every single way, so concessions need to be made.

It’s important to really think of the key things that matter to you.


Areas to consider


  • Size and reliability of the company.
  • Location, length of commute and fuel costs per year.
  • What industry does the company work in? What types of clients do they have?
  • Company culture, values, and corporate responsibility.
  • Social events and team events.
  • What’s the hiring manager’s background? (Hands-on? Corporate?)
  • What’s their management style?
  • What’s the team size, structure and what methodologies do they use?
  • Projects. (Greenfield? New Functions? Improvements? Legacy?)
  • Do they use modern technologies, methodologies and architectures?
  • What you will learn here?
  • What’s the seniority of the role? What responsibilities will that entail?
  • Opportunities for progression. (Technical or management routes)
  • How seriously do they take training and development?
  • Is the salary level fair?
  • Benefits. (Pension? Bonus? Flexible hrs? Homeworking? Car Allowance? Days holiday? Healthcare? Other?)


Are there any other things that you consider when assessing a potential employer?